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Startup visa
Netherlands 2023

The Netherlands has a well-developed start-up ecosystem with 10 leading innovation hubs where start-ups benefit from world-class business incubators and research centers.

In addition, the state offers incentive programs and grants for various sectors of the economy.

Those include programs for preferential lending to small and medium-sized businesses, grants to support innovation, investments to improve working conditions, incentives for entrepreneurs to buy equipment that does not pollute the environment.

The Netherlands also has a flexible taxation system, a progressive income tax scale, and several additional programs for start-ups that provide tax deductions.

The most important thing about start-up visas.

!  Not only IT, much wider. There are also topics: creativity, technology, production, logistics.

!  The most budget option to start a business and register a company in Europe with minimal investment.

!  Opportunity to immigrate to the Netherlands, develop a project and do business in Europe, taking advantage of tax incentives, bonuses and receiving maximum support in the form of grants and subsidies. You can apply for a startup from any country and have any status (including under temporary protection)

!  To register a start-up company, it is not required that 1 of the shareholders of the company or the director be a citizen of the Netherlands.

!  Minimum authorized capital. For example, 100 euros is normal.

!  Within the framework of one startup project, it is possible to obtain a residence permit in Europe and move several families to the Netherlands.

  • More and more facilitators are interested not only in IT projects, but in projects with social impact. as well​

  • After approval by the facilitator and signing an agreement with him, you can apply for a start-up visa at the Dutch consulate at the place of residence (not necessarily in the country of citizenship), as well as come to the Netherlands on a Schengen visa and send a package of documents to the immigration service by mail and wait for the issuance of a residence permit in the Netherlands.​

  • ❗It is necessary to provide proof of income of the founder and show income / savings at the rate of 1462.41 euros per month, that is, 17.556 euros per year. IMPORTANT! These funds are not frozen in the account. You can live on them.

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