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Программы релокации

Relocation programs

Based on our personal experience and the cases of our clients, we offer several relocation programs. All programs are customised and implemented on a turnkey basis: From preparing primary documents to soft adaptation and integration after arrival.

Business relocation


In case you are thinking about the possibility of establishing a business in Europe, a start-up visa could be the best option. Today, the start-up visa mechanism is one of the few working options for obtaining a residence permit for the entire family of an entrepreneur (including spouses, partners and children under 18).


Are you a non-EU citizen and would like to work in the Netherlands as a beginner/startup entrepreneur? For this you need a residence permit.

Our company provides assistance in filling out an application, preparing startup documents, coaching, finding a facilitator, as well as a full support during the entire process.


If you plan to open your business in the Netherlands, then you can apply for a business type visa, the so called self-employed visa, 

To get it, you will have to work hard: prepare your entrepreneurial dossier and write a serious business plan. These documents will have to convince the migration service of the viability of your business idea and the ability to generate income, create jobs, bring innovation and novelty to the Dutch market and benefits to the economy.

Skilltostart provides assistance in filling out an application, preparing all required evidence and documents, writing a business plan as well as a full support for the entire process.  We can file an application for you if needed.



Few people know that in the Netherlands there is a “zoekjaar” residence permit (residence permit for orientation year) - residence permit Orientation year, which gives the right to recent university graduates to live and work in the Netherlands without any restrictions for 1 year. With this visa, you can work in paid employment, as well as a freelancer or entrepreneur. You can bring your partner and kids to the Netherlands.  The partner receives the same employement rights as the main applicant.


This orientation year visa can be applied for within 3 years upon completing an undergraduate or graduate/postgraduate program at a Dutch university, or after completing a master's/doctorate/post-doctorate program at one of the top 200 universities in at least 2 recognized world university rankings.


We will ask you some questions in regards to your situation in advance. The more detailed information you send, the more useful and efficient the consultation will be.

Online Zoom meeting 60-90 minutes -  200 euros.

Please choose from the following topics :

  • How to make your project innovative so that it matches the startup format and passes for a startup visa?

  • Reformatting the growing presentation under the Dutch format of a startup pitch deck.

  • What kind of knowledge and tools are needed to obtain a start-up visa, an entrepreneurial and student visa, as well as an orientation year visa?

  • Individual support in the preparation of documents for various types of residence permits in the Netherlands.

  • Formatting a project for presentation to a European investor.

  • Specifics of the Dutch legislation, possible instruments for financing start-ups, investments.

  • Business culture of the Netherlands: features and differences from the rest of Europe

  • Everyday life issues regarding moving to Europe with your family. Briefly about the most urgent - housing, medicine, banks, schools, universities

and much more.

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